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5 Tips for SMEs with export ambitions to China

1. Prepare yourself well by obtaining information from structural partners in Belgium.

Both the Flemish-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce are active in Belgium. Both organizations have extensive knowledge and networks and regularly organize online and offline events to keep interested parties informed about the ins and outs of Chinese business life. 2. Contact Flanders Investment & Trade. This organization plays a crucial role in the internationalization of the Flemish economy. FIT helps Flemish companies to export and internationalize so that they can grow. 3. Check whether your product or service fits into the Chinese government's Five-Year Plan. The Chinese government's Five-Year Plan, currently the 14th, outlines the economic objectives for a period of 5 years. Currently from 2021-2025. 4. Cooperate with local reliable Chinese contacts on site. To be successful in the Chinese market, it is crucial to work with reliable local partners. They are a very important link in establishing contacts with the government, customers, ... Best Local has a solid and reliable network in China that is ready to assist Flemish entrepreneurs with export ambitions in China. 5. Contact Best Local if you are looking for a helping hand for export to China. If you prefer to keep the focus on your own core business, we can support your company by establishing contacts with structural partners, FIT, testing the Five-Year Plan, deploying our local network and developing and expanding your export. towards China.


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