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Image by 五玄土 ORIENTO
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2023 The Chinese New Year of the Rabbit

When does the Chinese New Year take place and what exactly does it mean? Chinese celebrate the New Year according to a different tradition than Westerners. The New Year is celebrated based on the second or third new moon after the winter solstice. That solstice is usually around December 21, so two weeks later - early January - there is a first new moon and the new moon after that: the Chinese celebrate it as New Year. This year, the new year begins on January 22. Then there is a 15-day festival period. In China itself, the festival is called Spring Festival. Many Chinese live and work far away from their families. Chinese New Year is a real family celebration and for many the only time of the year when they travel thousands of miles to return home. 2023: Year of the Rabbit The Chinese horoscope has a zodiac in which one animal sign lasts a whole year instead of a month in our horoscopes. According to the Chinese calendar, that will be the rabbit in 2023. The Rabbit is known as the tame animal that personifies hope and longevity. The zodiac sign is assigned the qualities of gentle, quiet and elegant. But people born in the Year of the Rabbit are also alert, witty, quick, skillful, kind, patient and very responsible. Rabbits are not quick to reveal their thoughts. The Year of the Rabbit is a great relief. The tiger of 2022 has to make way for the rabbit and those who believe in astrology look hopefully at the new year. The tiger is very turbulent and active according to the Chinese zodiac and 2022 was certainly a turbulent year. The rabbit would be much more careful and peaceful and many Chinese hope that 2023 will effectively bring more peace and calm.


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